Welcome to Duluth

Superior Riding.

Gold Level

IMBA Ride Center

100+ Miles

Of single-track MTB trail



  75+ Miles

      Of Multi-Use MTB trail

Good People, Great Times, Amazing Riding

Welcome to Duluth, home to some of the best cycling the nation has to offer! One of only four in the United States, Duluth is a Gold Level IMBA Ride Center, boasting some of the best mountain biking in the country with over 100 miles of singletrack trail as well as over 75 miles of multi-use trail. Whether you’re looking for technical terrain or just some beautiful scenery – we’ve got a route for you! For superior riding, ride Duluth! 

Did you know?

Almost all of our local trails here in Duluth, as well as some in the surrounding Twin Ports Area are built and/or maintained majorly by volunteers from local non-profit organization Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores (COGGS)! Now those are some dedicated cyclists!


                               “When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do…”

Local lines.

                                           Check out some of our favorite local routes!

Ski Hut (East)

1032 E 4th Street
Duluth, MN 55805

Continental Ski & Bike

1305 E 1st Street.
Duluth, MN 55805
(218) 728-4466

Ride more, Worry less.